Report Writer in TRAXPayroll

What is the report writer in TRAXPayroll?

Purpose: To teach you how to use Report Writer to run more customizable payroll reports.

Add a report

Report Writer allows you to create custom payroll reports using the data collected from the other standard payroll PDF and Excel reports. To begin, select Add Report.

Name the report

From here, select the type of report you want to create from the drop-down menu under Template. Enter the report name, a description, and then click Save. Once created, click the Run | Edit Report link as shown in the first screenshot to start selecting the data for your report.

Select report details

  1. Choose the date range and employee status.
  2. Select which branch, class, department, and division.
  3. Move the available fields you want to report on with the arrows to Report Columns.
  4. Be sure to click Apply Selection.
  5. Lastly, click Generate the report, Return to the Report List, Save, or Cancel to return to the Report Writer main page. 

View the report

Generating the report will run the report in TRAXPayroll and give you options to export the report to Excel.