Thirty Thirty: September 2021

Here’s a snapshot of how we’ve improved BambooHR within the last 30 days.

Last 30

ZipRecruiter Job Board Integration (Advantage Package)

Finding qualified candidates is one of the most important and challenging aspects of recruiting. We’re excited to announce you can now greatly expand your reach and increase the chances your job openings are found by sharing your open positions for free on ZipRecruiter when adding or editing a job opening. When you post your open job to ZipRecruiter you gain access to 25 million monthly job seekers.

Previously Used Custom Application Questions (Advantage Package)

We know it takes a while to create a new job, especially when you’re using custom application questions. We want to make it a bit easier to keep things consistent and improve some efficiencies when creating job openings. You now have the ability to add a previously used custom question to a job opening! We’ll also prompt you with previously used questions when you add them one by one. We hope that this update will make creating a job opening a little easier and save you time to focus on other recruiting work! 

BambooHR Hiring Learning Path

Let us help you take your hiring to the next level with our Hiring Learning Path in BambooHR Learning. This learning path includes three courses to guide you through the hiring process from preparing your account, to managing the hiring process, to strategic insights and best practices. Enroll in the learning path here.

Custom Gender Identity Option

We want all employees to feel respected and included at work. To that end, admins have the option for employees to specify the gender they identify with most, along with the option to specify their pronouns. We have also added a custom field in the Gender Identity drop-down so that employees can type in the gender they identify most with if it is not one of the options already included in the drop-down.

Next 30

Something cool to look forward to in the next 30 days.

Slack Integration with BambooHR

We have created a BambooHR integration for Slack, allowing you to start managing some BambooHR tasks, such as viewing time off information or approving timesheets, without leaving Slack. More details to come next month.

New Payroll Homebase in BambooHR (Payroll Add-on)

We are making an exciting change in the main navigation of BambooHR by adding a new Payroll tab for any customer using our payroll add-on. This tab will become the new home base for payroll and will be a new entry point into the run payroll experience. For starters, it helps you stay on track by giving you visibility into pay cycles, upcoming pay dates, and any missing employee data. And for some of our newer payroll customers, this home base will also surface any payroll data changes made within the last pay period to help you feel confident that all changes in BambooHR are rolling up into payroll. And once you are ready to start running payroll, you can jump right in by using the single sign-on button now found on this tab. This single sign-on functionality event extends to all our multiple EIN customers to make running payroll just a little bit easier.

Thanks, and Happy Bambooing!