BambooHR's Slack App

Please note that you will only see this feature if your BambooHR Admin has set up the integration.

How can I utilize the BambooHR's Slack App as an employee?

In the BambooHR Slack App you can use BambooHR's most popular features without leaving Slack. Here's what you can do:

  • Time Off
    • Check your available time off balances
    • Calculate your time off balances for dates in the future
    • See who’s out of office (by specific department, division, location, or the entire organization)
    • Submit new time off requests
  • People Records
    • Lookup employee information from the employee directory
How do I access this information?

There are two options for how you can access this information. One is using slash commands, and the other is natural language with the BambooHR bot.

Slash commands

Slash commands can be used in any of your channels or conversations in Slack to gather information from BambooHR. The responses will only be visible to you. Below is a list of the slash commands you can use, and what they will produce. Typing /help or /bhrhelp  will pull up a list of these commands in case you forget and need a prompt!

Natural language

To use the natural language feature, you must go to the BambooHR bot under the Apps section in Slack. Natural language queries will not work in any other channel or conversation.

When chatting with the BambooHR bot, you can access the same commands as shown above in the slash commands screenshot, but you can use natural language to access this information. This means instead of having to type in the slash command for /timeoff, you could just type "What is my time off balance?" or even more simply, "time off" and the app will match that to a corresponding command.

Here are some examples of natural language for each of the slash commands:


  • What's my time off balance?
  • Time off
  • What's my pto balance?


  • Calculate pto
  • Calculate time off as of 12/25/2021


  • PTO
  • Request time off
  • Request PTO


  • Who's out in divison Marketing?
  • Who's out in Product?
  • Who's out in New York?


  • Who is Trent?
  • Who is Trent Walsh?
  • Who's Trent?

*For time off requests, you'll type in your slash command or natural language prompt and a button will pop up allowing you to choose a date, time off type, and how many hours for each day before you submit.

How can I utilize BambooHR's Slack App as a manager?

In addition to being able to use any of the available slash commands, you as a manager and/or approver will also receive notifications in Slack from the BambooHR app when there are new Time Off Requests or Timesheets that need your approval.

Time Off Request Notification

Timesheet Approval Notification

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