Thirty Thirty: October 2021

Here’s a snapshot of how we’ve improved BambooHR within the last 30 days.

Last 30

Self-Serve Billing Updates

With our new update to the Billing Tab, you now have a greater capacity to self-serve billing tasks such as managing billing contacts and updating payment information. Those who pay with a credit card will now be able to change their billing address directly from the page. We’ve also made it easier and more intuitive to access your invoice history and pay past-due invoices. These new changes will increase clarity around billing functions and save you time by reducing the need to ask the BambooHR billing team for help. These changes to the Billing Tab apply to all customers who pay monthly via credit card or ACH. 

New BambooHR Slack App (Advantage)

For many companies, Slack is the collaboration hub that connects employees to the people and tools they work with every day. We are excited to announce that we have created our own BambooHR app for Slack. Now your employees can start using BambooHR’s most popular features, such as planning time off and looking up co-workers, without leaving Slack.

New Payroll Homebase in BambooHR (Payroll Add-on)

We made an exciting change in the main navigation of BambooHR by adding a new Payroll tab for any customer using our payroll add-on. This tab is the new homebase for payroll and is a new entry point into the run payroll experience. For starters, it helps you stay on track by giving you visibility into pay cycles, upcoming pay dates, and any missing employee data. And for some of our newer payroll customers, this homebase surfaces any payroll data changes made within the last pay period to help you feel confident that all changes in BambooHR are rolling up into payroll. And once you are ready to start running payroll, you can jump right in by using the Open TRAXPayroll button now found on this tab. This single sign-on functionality even extends to all our multiple EIN customers to make running payroll just a little bit easier.

Rydoo Integration

We recently added Rydoo to our BambooHR Marketplace. Rydoo is an expense management solution that helps finance teams to improve their forecasting and analysis and helps employees to save time and frustrations. Using the mobile app, employees can scan their receipts as they incur them. Easy Scan’s technology extracts all key data, such as the date, merchant, amount, and currency, and then transforms it into searchable and usable data. You can learn more about this integration on the BambooHR Marketplace.

Next 30

We’re holding things close to the chest this month, but you’ll be pleased to know we’re working away on improving the new Payroll Tab, upgrading the feedback functionality in Performance Management, and developing a Time Tracking free trial for all BambooHR customers. Tune in next month for more on these updates.

Thanks, and Happy Bambooing!