Thirty Thirty: November 2021

Here’s a snapshot of how we’ve improved BambooHR within the last 30 days.

Last 30

Flexible Holiday Hours (Time Tracking Add-on)

Many companies offer partial holidays and need to be able to record these hours correctly for time tracking and payroll purposes. It’s also common to have different holiday pay options across employees. With this Time Tracking update, it’s now possible to assign your employees: To work part of a holiday and to receive holiday pay for the rest. To work on a holiday at a specific rate. To not work on a holiday, but receive pay for a designated set of hours instead. This allows you to offer more flexibility and to track time more accurately during the holidays.


Adding Download All Files to Document Management

One click is better than multiple clicks. That’s why we’ve added a button under the Documents tab (to the right of the search bar) that allows you to download all documents from an employee’s profile. You can also download all documents from a specific folder by clicking into the desired folder, clicking the same download button, and choosing to download all documents from that particular folder.

Benefits Tracking Update

We are excited to share with you a new optimized process for creating and managing benefit plans in BambooHR, and assigning your current and new employees to them. These new improvements will significantly cut down the time it takes you to initially set up benefit plans in BambooHR, and make the annual open enrollment process of updating that information simpler and more intuitive. After updating, your employees will be able to track their benefits as before, but the process of creating benefit plans and managing which employees are assigned to them is going to be much faster for you. We’ve accomplished this by bringing the question of “who is eligible?” into the benefit plan creation process, allowing you to tell us what criteria make employees eligible so that we can determine employee eligibility for you.

Next 30

Reminders on Payroll Tab (Payroll Add-on)

Next month we will have an update within our BambooHR Payroll tab to make it easy to keep track of your reminders and to-do's per pay cycle. We know keeping track of things that you need to get taken care of before you run payroll can be difficult. Now you can do it all within BambooHR. 

Payroll Admins will now be able to ditch those post-its, handwritten papers stuffed in a file folder, random calendar invite reminders, and spreadsheets of to-do’s. You will now be able to easily keep track of all those in a single place, just another way we are enhancing your payroll experience. 

Added Flexibility To Feedback In Performance  (Performance Management Add-on)

Next month we’ll be updating Performance Management to give you more control over requesting feedback in BambooHR Performance Management. This added flexibility will allow you to request feedback at any time - you aren’t restricted to only requesting feedback during a review cycle. 

Users will now be able to perform 360 feedback in Performance Management. Managers will be able to have up to 10 open feedback requests for an employee. That means that you can request feedback from an employee’s peers, direct reports, or a manager! 360 feedback allows you to see the complete picture of how your employees are performing. 

Also, we will be updating the name in Performance Management from Peer Feedback to Feedback. More information will be coming next month so keep your eyes open!

Thanks, and Happy Bambooing!