Company Tax Packages - Quarterly & Year-End Reports in TRAXPayroll

Where are my quarterly and year-end company tax reports in TRAXPayroll?

Purpose: To help you understand company tax packages and how to run the quarterly and year-end reports. This is where you can access W-2s, quarterly reports, and annual returns. 

Quarterly & Year-End Reports

Quarterly Company Packages are a collection of state, federal, and local tax filing reports for your company by quarter. By the last day of the month following the quarter-end, BambooHR posts all quarterly filings for you to review under the Quarterly & Year End tab in TRAXPayroll.

In TRAXPayroll, go to Reports and then click on Quarterly & Year End on the left toolbar.

Under Search, make sure you have selected the following settings:

  1. Pay Group: Select the pay group you want to report on.
  2. Year: Select the year you want to run the report on.
  3. Duration: Select the duration.

The report will automatically generate and show you all results. This is where we will post all tax filings such as state and local filings, 940, 941, W-3, and all employee W-2s and contractor 1099s.

4.     View: Click the View link to open the report in PDF format.

Without the employee's name, the first W-2 in the list will include all employee W-2s in one report.

Why is my online tax agency website not showing a payment on the last day after the quarter/year-end or by the deadline?

At the end of the quarter, or deadline, online tax agency websites may not always show a payment on the last day. BambooHR Payroll sends out the payments and the tax agencies stamp them with the date sent, but it can take a few business days to be posted on the tax agency website.

If you would like to ensure your payment was sent and will be received, the Payroll Summary Report shows the money collected for taxes in each payroll and as long as we have the correct account number, access to your account, the correct frequency, POAs, and PINS (when applicable) then we will pay on your behalf. If this information is correct, please allow a few more days for the payment to post.

You can use the Finding Company Tax Information and under the Tax Registration Resources to see exactly what is needed for each tax type for us to file and remit payments on your behalf as well as the contact information for each tax agency.

Why is my Quarterly Company Package not showing in my account on the last day of the month following quarter end?

If BambooHR Payroll is missing any valid Tax IDs, Tax Frequencies, or POAs for any taxes collected within the quarter then we are unable to file a tax report on your behalf as a part of our bulk filing until the information is provided. You can find any missing information in BambooHR by going to Settings > Payroll > Tax Information.