How does Payscale Integrate with BambooHR?

Purpose: To help you understand what Payscale is used for and how you can integrate it with BambooHR.

For joint customers of PayScale and BambooHR, we built an integration which makes it a LOT easier to keep your employees up-to-date in PayScale and the more up-to-date they are, the better the data is that you'll actually be getting for them! (A win-win!) We'll pull back your employee information from BambooHR (like title, first name, last name, and salary) and update Insight on a monthly basis with that information. No spreadsheets, no hassle... just good up-to-date employee data.

How do I Enable the Payscale Integration?

Navigate to the Employee Refresh Page in Payscale. Then select "BambooHR."

You will then need to enter your BambooHR subdomain.* Click "Connect" to be redirected to your BambooHR account to login. Once you log in, the integration will automatically pull an API key to enter into the integration setup in Payscale (see below).

*Subdomain is the first part of your BambooHR account URL. So if your account URL is: then your subdomain is "helpcontent."

Once the API Key is showing, click "Import Employees" to import your employees from BambooHR.

Where do I go for Support for this Integration?

If you are an existing customer using this integration, please be aware that this integration is supported by Payscale.

What's Next?

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