Calculate Future Time Off Balances

How do I calculate future time off balances?

Purpose: Do you plan your time off in advance? It can be hard to manually calculate your accruals ahead of time to see if you will have enough time for your vacation. This help guide will show you how to use the accrual calculator within BambooHR so you can easily see what your balance will be at a future date.

Accrual calculator

To calculate a future balance, click on the accrual calculator in the Time Off widget* on Home, or go to the Time Off tab under My Info (see below).

*If you do not use BambooHR Time Tracking, the accrual calculator button will appear in the My Info widget on Home.  

The accrual calculator allows you to project a future time off balance for a specific time off type. You can access the calculator when hovering over a time off type and clicking the calculator (Calculate Balance) icon. Note that the icon is only available for a time off type with a policy that has automatic accruals. Accrual options set as None do not have the calculator icon.

In the mobile app, the calculator icon is in the top-right corner of the Check Balances screen. For detailed information about the calculator feature in our mobile app, click here.

Select information

When you click Calculate Balance, the accrual calculator will appear. On this page, you can select the time off type you would like to review (this defaults to the same type you hovered over to access the accrual calculator) and enter a future date to give you the projected time off balance you will have accrued by that day.

Click Accrual Details, and the accrual calculator shows all applicable time off actions from an earlier date to a projected future date.  In the above screenshot, you can see accruals, level changes, time off used, and most importantly, that the Vacation balance will be 22.05 days on 1/15/2020.

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