Account Settings

How do I update Account Settings?

Purpose: To teach you how to update Account Settings.

Account Settings

To update Account Settings, click on your photo avatar in the top right corner and follow the steps shown above. 

  1. Timezone: By default, your timezone automatically sets to the timezone tied with the account until the addition of your location to the Job Information table on your employee profile. Please note that you will only have the option to update your timezone if you work in a remote location, as set by your administrator. See below to see where the time zone will show to others.
  2. Language: Language automatically sets to Use Browser Default, but you can change this setting to one of our supported languages.
  3. Birthday: Sharing your birthday lets your coworkers celebrate with you! Your birthday will automatically show in the calendar, iCal feeds, Celebrations widget, mobile app, and you will receive the birthday email alert. If you toggle this setting off, your birthday will not show within any of the options listed above. However, it will still appear on your employee profile for those who can access this specific information through access levels.

Be sure to click Save Settings once you finish making your changes. 

Local Time

The employee's local time will generate depending on their location. If they are in an in-office location, the local time will generate based on the time zone set for that location. If they are in a remote location, they will need to set their time zone here in Account Settings for their local time to generate. The local time will generate in three places in the account:

Company Directory

The local time in the Directory will only show when you are hovering over a specific employee.

If an employee who does not have access to view employee profiles clicks on the name of an employee in the directory, a modal will appear with the same directory information and a bigger picture. They will be able to see the local time zone here as well.

Employee Profile

If the user does have access to an employee's profile, they will see their local time in the left menu under the location.

Timezone and BambooHR Time Tracking

If you are using BambooHR Time Tracking, be sure to set the timezone, and specific users can know when your pay period starts and ends. By default, your timezone is the company's timezone. Once you have an assigned location, specific users will recognize you in the new location's timezone. If you do not have a location's timezone or are part of a remote location, you will need to edit your timezone as it shows above.