Employee Satisfaction from the Employee's Perspective

Purpose: This guide will walk you through the Employee Satisfaction experience. 

We want your feedback!

This email is the first notification you will receive about Employee Satisfaction. No action is necessary on your part. This is just to let you know the survey will be coming soon. 

Help Content EA Employee Satisfaction Survey - smiller@bamboohr.com - BambooHR Mail

The second email you will receive is the actual survey. Once you select the rating, you will be taken to a new page to add your feedback. You will receive the survey email one business day after you received the introduction email.


Simply select a number between 0-10 based on how likely you are to recommend your company as a place to work.

Is the eNPS Survey Really Anonymous?

Employee Satisfaction in BambooHR is completely anonymous, helping you feel free to provide honest feedback that can lead to real improvements. In order to ensure anonymity, we have taken the following steps:

  1. All employees in BambooHR are assigned an Employee #. We assign a random number to that Employee # and we tie your basic employee demographic information along with it. (User is not anonymous at this stage)
  2. We send you the Employee Satisfaction email survey. When you click to complete the survey, it takes you to a separate URL where the Employee # and Random number have been deleted* from the database. Only your demographic information is tied to your response.

*This information is completely deleted from our database so we are not able to look up who sent which responses. 

Once you select a number between 0-10, you will see one of the following questions depending on the score you selected:

  1. If you select a 9 or 10, you will see: "Thank you! We're glad to hear you're likely to recommend [Company]. What makes this place so great?"
  2. If you select a 7 or 8, you will see: "Thank you! What changes could [Company] make to become a better place to work?
  3. If you select a 0-6, you will see: "We're sorry to hear that. What changes could [Company] make to become a better place to work?"

As you respond to the question, you will see a progress bar encouraging you to add more feedback. Don't be shy, your company wants to hear your feedback. 

Once you submit your answer, you will see the message below.

Heads up! If you sign your name (or use any other clearly distinguishing bit of information) the survey is no longer anonymous!

What's Next?

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