Create a Goal

How do I Create a New Goal?

Purpose: To teach you how employees can use Goals within Performance Management and how to add individual goals.

Add a Goal

On the Performance tab, click "+ Add a Goal" just beneath the Goals tab.

New Goal

Charlotte Abbott - Performance
  1. Name your goal.
  2. Add a short description.
  3. Select due date.
  4. Share your goal (See below)
  5. Goal Alignment (See below)

Note: Once a goal is created, simply hover over the goal and click the pencil icon to edit any details. If you need to delete a goal, simply click the trash can icon.

Share Goals

Oftentimes, goals are a shared effort. Therefore, the ability to share your goals and collaborate with co-workers allows you to unify efforts and complete goals faster and better.

Charlotte Abbott - Performance

Click the share button to share your goal with other team members who also have access to goals. A goal can only be shared with a specific employee*, not a group of employees. Once a goal is shared with someone, he or she will receive an email notification (see below) letting them know the goal has been shared with them. The goal then becomes one of their own goals and will show up on their Goals tab under Performance and in the Goals widget on Home.

*If you have access to the company directory, you will be able to share a goal with any employee who also has access to goals. If you do not have access to the company directory, but you do have access to other employees through an access level, then you will be able to share a goal with any employee you have access to who also has access to goals. If you have neither access via the company directory nor an access level, you will not have the option to share a goal.

Charlotte Abbott just shared a goal with you. - - BambooHR Mail

Once a goal is shared with an employee, he or she will receive all email notifications regarding the goal.

Shared Goal

Charlotte Abbott - Performance

If a goal is shared, you will be able to see who it is shared with next to the title. Simply hover over the images for the employees' name.

Please note the shared goal will show for each employee it is shared with on the Goals Status report.

Notice the goal is now shared with Ashley and shows on her Goals tab. When a goal is shared, the new employee on the goal will have equal access to the employee who created the goal. This includes the following:

  1. View the goal on their own Goals tab.
  2. Edit the goal (Title, description, percent complete, due date, and complete goal).
  3. Share the goal or remove others from the goal.
  4. Delete the goal.

NOTE: There is no concept of a "goal owner," which means anyone a goal is shared with has equal rights to the goal.

Align Goals

Goal alignment encourages managers and employees to align their goals with organizational objectives. If your team has a unified purpose, you are able to accomplish better results faster.

When a manager is creating or editing a goal for one of their employees, they will see the option for "Goal Alignment." Clicking on goal alignment will show all of the manager's goals and allow them to pick which of their goals the employee's goal aligns with. Each goal can only align with one other goal.

By design, only the direct manager or a custom access user with edit access to the employee's goals will be able to align a goal. The employee is not able to see goal alignment on his or her own goals until the goal has been aligned by someone with goal alignment access. The aligned goal will show right below the name of the employee's goal.

Additionally, the aligned goal will be attached to the employee's goal in the Goals status report.

NOTE: Only those with edit access to goals can see this option to align, but the alignment itself (i.e. showing which goal a particular goal aligns with) will show up for anyone with view rights to the goal. Also, you can only align an employee's goal with your own goal.

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