How does Jobma Integrate with BambooHR?

Purpose: To help you understand what Jobma is used for and how you can integrate it with BambooHR.

Jobma's cloud-based video interviewing solution increases your team's productivity, flexibility and creates a great candidate experience which will bring your hiring team and talent closer together by breaking down the barriers of time and location. Using Jobma, you can setup pre-recorded & live video interviews. Our video interviewing increases your recruiter productivity and improves your candidate experience. Jobma is available in 14 languages and our pricing starts at $1 per video interview.

You can learn more about Jobma in BambooHR's Marketplace.

How do I Enable the Jobma Integration?

Log into your Jobma account. Click on "Integrations" and select "Integrations." Then click on "BambooHR."

Step 2: Set up custom interview statuses

The next step is to add custom candidate statuses in BambooHR (see below). To do this, log into BambooHR. Navigate to "Hiring" in Settings and click "Candidate Statuses." Add the following three statuses:

  • Jobma Interview Initiate
  • Jobma Interview Pending
  • Jobma Interview Completed

Once you've added these three new candidate statuses, click "Refresh."

Once you've refreshed the sync, you will see a success message letting you know that the statuses have been updated successfully.

Step 3: Set up User Notifications

Enter the email address(es) of who you would like to be notified when a video interview is completed and imported into BambooHR.

How do I Initiate a Jobma Video Interview in BambooHR?

Navigate to the candidate's profile in BambooHR and change his or her status to "Jobma Interview Initiate."

What Data Syncs to Jobma from BambooHR?

This information can be found in BambooHR's Marketplace. For more information, please click here to learn more about syncing fields.

Where do I go for Support for this Integration?

If you are an existing customer using this integration, please be aware that this integration is supported by Jobma.

Contact information can be found here.

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