View a Paystub

How do I view paystubs in BambooHR?

Purpose: To show you how an employee can view their own paystub information in BambooHR. 

Do you prefer hands-on learning? Our interactive guides will guide you through different aspects of your BambooHR experience. We have an interactive guide specifically designed to show you how to view your pay information. You can use the link below to access this guide. All you need to do is modify the "REPLACEME" with your BambooHR subdomain, and you can get started!

Pay Info tab

To view a paystub, navigate to the Pay Info tab on an employee's profile. Click View Paystub in the top right corner to view the current paystub. Click a specific pay date in the Paystubs table to view the previous paystubs.

Details of a paystub

When clicking to view a paystub, a pop-up box will appear with the paystub details. An employee's paystub includes the following information:

  1. Quick access to download or print the paystub.
  2. Pay Period and Direct Deposit: (Only the last four digits of the account number will show on the paystub.) Additionally, if you add a note to the employee's paystub, it will appear under the Direct Deposit details.
  3. A summary stating Total Gross Earnings, Taxes, Deductions, and Take-Home Pay for a specific pay stub.
  4. You Paid Taxes On: A table that shows the number of regular and overtime hours worked, the hourly pay rate, and the total taxable amount. Additionally, this table will show all other post-tax pay types that an employee has received payment for in the current calendar year.
  5. You Didn't Pay Taxes On: A table that shows all pre-tax pay types the employee has received payment for in the current calendar year.
  6. Taxes: A table that shows a breakdown of tax deductions from the employee's paycheck.
  7. Your Tax Withholding Info for this Check: A section that shows federal and state withholding elections on the employee's W-4 form.
  8. Deducted from Your Check: A table that shows the itemized deductions from the employee's paycheck, including benefit and non-benefit deductions.
  9. Paid by Your Employer on Your Behalf: A table that shows the itemized deductions the employer pays, including benefit and non-benefit deductions.
  10.  Time Off Balances (Hours): This table reflects time off used for all paid, unpaid, and active time off categories. It also tracks time off in different sections—Used This Pay Period, Earned YTD, Used YTD, and Available Balance. Please note that the Available Balance column will reflect what is accurate based on the end date of the pay period. Therefore, any updates made during the pay period will be included in the balance total.
  11. Each paystub includes a fun fact on what the employee could do with the money.

Employees will receive an email notification on the morning of payday with a link to view their paystub in BambooHR. 

What does a downloaded paystub look like?

If an employee downloads a paystub, the PDF file will also include the following information:

  • Time off balances (used this pay period, earned YTD, used YTD, and available balance)
  • Company's name and address
  • Employee's name and address

Time off details will only show on a PDF file or a printed paystub for our BambooHR Payroll customers and will only appear if customers are tracking time off.