Purpose: To help you understand what JumpCloud is used for and how you can integrate it with BambooHR.

The JumpCloud SCIM User Provisioning App enables a direct integration between BambooHR and JumpCloud using the industry-standard SCIM 2.0 protocol. When enabled, employers can configure the automatic provisioning of employees from BambooHR as users in JumpCloud. Updated and terminated employees in BambooHR will also update users in JumpCloud accordingly. 

Employers can schedule when they would like updates to be sent and can choose which fields to send over to JumpCloud from a list of optional pre-mapped fields in the integration configuration settings.

You can learn more about JumpCloud in BambooHR Marketplace.

How do I Enable the JumpCloud Integration?

This integration must be set up by a user with at least administrator access in JumpCloud. 

JumpCloud API Key

Before you enable the integration in BambooHR, you will need to create a new API key in JumpCloud. You will use this API key later during setup.

Log into JumpCloud and click on your profile icon. Select API Settings from the dropdown menu.

Copy the API key from JumpCloud.

Install JumpCloud in BambooHR

If you do not see JumpCloud as an option in your Apps in BambooHR, please reach out to a Support Hero to get this added to your account.

To enable the JumpCloud integration, log into BambooHR and navigate to Settings. Select Apps and click Install next to the JumpCloud integration.

Apps Settings

In order to install the JumpCloud integration, you need to set the following information:

  1. When would you like your data to be sent?: The integration is set to send changes every minute by default. We recommend these settings for the most immediately sync. If you want a different schedule, you can go ahead and customize this here.
  2. Which fields do you want to send to JumpCloud?: All available fields will be selected by default. If certain fields are not applicable for your company, you can deselect them here.
  3. Add JumpCloud provided API Key: Paste the API key you retrieved from JumpCloud here.

Once you click the Install button, your configuration will be saved and the integration will be active immediately. As part of the initial sync, you should start to see users populate into JumpCloud immediately. Going forward, any new employees, terminated employees, or employees who's syncing information has changed will automatically sync according to the schedule you set in your configuration settings.

What Data Syncs to JumpCloud from BambooHR?

Standard Fields

BambooHR Field Name Update in BambooHR Triggers Sync to JumpCloud JumpCloud Field Name Notes
First Name Yes First Name
Last Name Yes Last Name
Status Yes Status An Inactive status in BambooHR will suspend access for that user in JumpCloud. 
Work Email Yes Company Email Employee records will NOT sync to JumpCloud until a Work Email exists in BambooHR. This field will be used to identify matching users in JumpCloud with employees in BambooHR.
Work Email (everything before the @ symbol) Yes Username Defaults to first part of email address (everything before the @ symbol). If a user already exists in JumpCloud with a matching email, the Username for that user will not be overwritten by BambooHR.
Preferred Name OR First Name & Last Name No = Preferred Name
Yes = First Name
Yes = Last Name
Display Name Populated by Preferred Name and Last Name fields in BambooHR. If no Preferred Name value exists then First Name will be used. 

Optional Fields

BambooHR Field Name Update in BambooHR Triggers Sync to JumpCloud JumpCloud Field Name Notes
Middle Name Yes Middle Name
Employee # Yes Employee ID
Job Title Yes Job Title
Division Yes Company
Department Yes Department
Location Yes Location
Location Country No Work Country Location field must be selected in BambooHR App Settings in order to sync. 
Location Address Street 1 &
Location Address Street 2
No Work Street Address Location field must be selected in BambooHR App Settings in order to sync.
Location City No Work City Location field must be selected in BambooHR App Settings in order to sync.
Location State No Work State Location field must be selected in BambooHR App Settings in order to sync.
Location ZIP/Postal Code No Work Postal Code Location field must be selected in BambooHR App Settings in order to sync.
Work Phone & Ext Yes = Work Phone
No = Ext
Work Phone
Home Phone Yes Home Phone
Mobile Phone Yes Personal Cell
Address Street 1 & Address Street 2 Yes Home Street Address
Address City Yes Home City
Address State/Province Yes Home State
Address ZIP/Postal Code Yes Home Postal Code
Address Country Yes Home Country

Important things to note:

  • Work Email is the Key Field: The Work Email field in BambooHR is the key field in this provisioning integration. An employee record will not sync to JumpCloud until a unique value exists in this field, even if the rest of the employee record is complete. This field is also what populates the Username field in JumpCloud, unless a Username is already set for the user in JumpCloud.
  • Existing JumpCloud Users: Existing users in JumpCloud will be overwritten with the syncing data from BambooHR as long as the Work Email value in BambooHR matches the Company Email value in JumpCloud. Usernames of JumpCloud users will not be overwritten by the integration when there is an email match.
  • Hire Date is Not Included: The Hire Date field in BambooHR is not included as part of the sync. If you have an employee record with a future hire date but you enter a Work Email for that employee, the record will sync over to JumpCloud and may provision access to other systems for that user pre-maturely. Please note that the Work Email field should be used as the key field to trigger the sync of an employee record.
  • Location Address: Please note that changes to the Location Address fields, because they are not part of the employee record, will not trigger a sync to update specific employee records in JumpCloud. However, any automated or manual syncs after a Location Address is changed will include the new Location Address information.

Terminating and Inactivating Employees

When the integration is enabled, any employee record that is set to an Inactive status in BambooHR will automatically suspend the corresponding user in JumpCloud. When employee records are set back to an Active status in BambooHR the corresponding user in JumpCloud will be re-activated.

When terminated in BambooHR, employee records are automatically set to an Inactive status and their record in JumpCloud will be automatically Suspended.

Deleting Employees

When an employee is deleted in BambooHR, it will NOT automatically suspend or delete that user in JumpCloud. The user will remain in the same status as was listed before the deletion in BambooHR. Remember to delete users in JumpCloud manually when you delete employee records in BambooHR.

How do I Trigger a Manual Sync?

You can initiate a manual sync of all employee records at any time by navigating to Settings and selecting Apps. Then click the Settings button next to JumpCloud in the Installed Apps section. You don't need to update anything in the integration settings modal. Simply click Save and this will trigger a manual sync. (see below)

Where do I go for Support for this Integration?

If you are an existing customer using this integration, please be aware that this integration is supported by BambooHR.

What's Next?

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