Employee Satisfaction in the Mobile App

Can I complete the eNPS survey in the mobile app?

Purpose: This help guide will show you where you can complete the eNPS survey on Home in the BambooHR mobile app. 


If your company is in an active Employee Satisfaction survey period, you will see an option to give feedback. Tap Give Feedback to answer two questions anonymously.

After tapping Give Feedback, you will see a question, "How likely are you to recommend [company name] as a place to work?" Tap on the number scale and slide the number to make your selection. The selected score will display. Tap Next.

Tap Learn More at the top to learn more about how we keep your survey data anonymous.

Next, you will see the final question, "What changes could [company name] make to be a better place to work?

Use the text box to enter your response. Then, tap Save & Finish.

After you have completed the survey, you will see a notification on Home that says Survey Submitted! 

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