Employee Menu in TRAXPayroll

What information is found on the employee menu in TRAXPayroll?

Purpose: The Employee menu is where you can find a list of all of your employees in TRAXPayroll. This help guide will show you what features are available when viewing the Employee menu.

Employee menu

The Employee tab is where you can find a list of all employees or your employees. The list has basic data elements for each employee, such as their SSN, state work fields, wage type and amount, etc. You can perform the following admin functions: 

  1. Employee Name: Clicking on an employee's name will take you to the employee's TRAXPayroll record where you can view employee-specific payroll information and set up recurring extra pay. 
  2.  Print Resume: This provides you with a report containing all employee information in one place. You can run this report for one employee by clicking their Print Resume button or run for all employees by clicking the Print All Resume column header.

A variety of search options are also available to narrow down the employee list if needed. Double-click the header or click the down arrow to show the search options.

Enter information in any of the fields above and click Search to filter the employee list.