Tax Documents FAQ

Purpose: If you have used the BambooHR Payroll integration in the previous year, this help guide will answer the most common questions about generating and accessing your 1099 and W-2 tax documents. 

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What documents will be available?

If you have run payroll with us in the previous year, you will receive W-2 and 1099 documents for any employees and contractors paid through BambooHR Payroll. 

Please contact Payroll Support to confirm if you'd like to have 1099 documents generated and mailed to your contractors. If you do not want W-2 or 1099 services, please contact Payroll Support.

When will documents be available?

All payroll admins will be sent initial proof copies of their tax documents to review by mid-January each year (1099s are not included in the preview). Final W-2 and 1099 documents will get posted to TRAXPayroll and BambooHR before the tax deadline of January 31st each year.

What format will the tax documents be in?

By default, all employees are elected to receive paper copies of their W-2 or 1099, which will be mailed to their home address. They will also have an electronic version of their W-2 or 1099 uploaded to their Pay Info tab in BambooHR. If an employee does not want a paper copy, they can opt out by going to their Pay Info tab, selecting the Taxes section, and toggling Go Paperless on at the bottom. Employees or admins with access will be able to toggle this option on or off. 

All employees terminated during the year will receive their W2s by mail. This is an automatic setting for all clients.

What is the pricing for 1099s and W2s?

You can find all fees associated with BambooHR Payroll here.  You can also access this list in your TRAXPayroll account by clicking the question mark icon and selecting Additional Services.

Please note that any 1099 forms generated by BambooHR Payroll will also be mailed for an additional fee. 1099 creation and mailing services cannot be separated.

How will payroll admins be notified?

After final versions of the documents are generated and posted to your account, we will send an email to all payroll admins on your account to let them know that tax documents are posted and available on the Reports tab in TRAXPayroll.

How will employees be notified?

After the tax documents have been generated and posted to your BambooHR account, all employees will receive an email that lets them know their tax documents are available.

Where can I access the documents?


Admins can access all employee W-2s and tax documents in TRAXPayroll by navigating to the Reports tab, clicking Quarterly & Year End, and then selecting the applicable year. While separate PDFs are created for each document, you can see all W-2s by clicking the first W-2 PDF that has no employee name assigned to it.


Employees can access their W-2s in the Pay Info tab within their BambooHR account. They can view, print, and download the document. Please note that they are NOT available on the Documents tab. Just like paystubs, these documents are only available on the Pay Info tab.

What should I do if a tax document is incorrect?

If you have an inaccurate tax document, please complete this form with all the details. One of our Tax Admins will review your form and be in contact to coordinate the corrections.